7 Features To Look For When Choosing A GPS Runner’s Watch

GPS Runner Watch

GPS Runner WatchThere is more to life than coffee, even though its a incredibly healthy beverage. Another healthy thing you can do is take up jogging.This article will tell you what features you need to look for when choosing a GPS runners watch.

Ever since the Greeks starting running marathons in the very first Olympics, it has become a very popular way of keeping in shape and staying healthy. Running has become a lot of peoples favorite way of exercising and as technology improves sports equipment companies are coming out with devices to help a runner keep track of their progress.

Sports equipment companies come out with GPS running watches for runners, whether they are a beginner just getting into running or if they have been doing it for years there is a watch for you. To make it easier to choose the correct watch for you here are 7 things you might want to look into when you are buying your running watch.

How Much Do You Want to Purchase for it?

The price of a running watch all depends on what kind of features you want in your watch. If you are just looking for a simple running watch it’s not going to have a lot of features and probably won’t come with a GPS so you are going to have rely on your smartphone if have one and pair it up with that so that you can have the GPS feature.

Most of these watch have very little features so you are probably looking at about $150 or less for one of these watches. If you want a mid-range watch that is still pretty simple but has more features then you are going to spend $150 to $300.

Most of these watches are going to have a GPS feature so that you won’t have to rely on a smartphone to pair with. They are also are going to have a few more features like perhaps, a heart rate tracker.

The granddaddy of them all when it comes to running watches is going to cost you $300 or more and is going to have all the features that you are possibly going to want. These watches are more for the expert runners that want more features in their watch.

Is Monitoring Your Heart Rate Important to You?

Some people when they are running like to keep track of their heart rate to make sure that they are getting their heart rate up so that they can get a maximum workout but not too high to the point where it can be harmful to you.

Simple GPS Runner WatchThe runners watch that you are going to want to get is going to be in the mid-range price, so another words $150 to $300. You are going to get two things to choose from, optical heart rate or a chest strap to monitor your heart rate.

The chest strap is going to be your best bet because it is going to more accurate but some people don’t like something strapped to their chest while they are running.

Is Keeping Track of Your Distance Important to You?

So if keeping track of your distance is important to you and for most runners it is, then you are probably going to be interested in having a GPS or an accelerometer.

There are a couple of that you can do this, you can either synch your GPS with your watch, you can get an accelerometer to help you keep track of your steps, or you can get a watch that has a GPS built into the watch.

Your first two options are going to be a little time consuming but will work just fine and the last option still going to put you in the mid to high price range.

Do You Need Help with Your Training Plans?

Technology has improved a lot through years and now they make running watches that will give you an expert training plan if you are the kind of runner that likes to run 5k, 10k, half and full marathons.

These kinds of watches will plan out your training for your important race. Some of the companies that make these kinds of watches are Garmin, Adidas, and Polar.

Is Your Running Form Important to You?

Does your running form need some work? Some of the running watches that are made today come with expert advice on improving your running form and you can get it in real time.

They will be able to tell you how many times your feet should touch the floor per minute or they can let you know if the rhythm that you are running is the correct way.

What is Your Heart Rate Zone?

If you are keeping track of your heart rate but you don’t know what range your heart rate should be in, then you can get a running watch that will tell you this.

Running watches that offer this are the Tom Tom Cardio Runner, the Polar V800, and the Adias SmartRun. These watches will tell where your heart rate should be so that you can get the optimal results from your running.

Is Recovery Time Important to You?

If you are a serious runner then you are probably interested in how much time you should rest in between each time you go out running. Resting in between each time you run is very important because if you don’t rest enough then you could possibly injure yourself. Some running watches are now built with advice on just how long you take in between each time you go out running.


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