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The 3 Most Popular Grind and Brew Coffee Makers

grind and brew coffee makers

Personal grind and brew coffee makers are all the rage these days. On one hand it saves your time from having to go to your local Starbucks to get your favorite cup of coffee. On the other hand, it lets you customize and experiment with your taste and find exactly what suits you rather than having to be content with what someone else has on offer for you.

When it comes to grind and brew coffee makers, there is increasing competition from all the major manufacturers.

There are many people who love to buy those whole beans and get it grinded to make the perfect cup of coffee just the way they like it. But there are ones that perform better than the rest. And here’s a look into the three most popular grind and brew coffee makers in the market today.

Black and Decker CM500B

Black and Decker CM500B 12 cup mill and brew coffee maker is ranked one of the very best for its reasons. First it has solid controls for brew strength, to get the job done just the way you like it, with time settings and auto brew feature which makes sure that your morning coffee is already prepared even before you get off your bed. The bronze tone filter permanently replaces any need for paper filters, which is both a waste of money and resources.

The easy to clean coffee maker could get coffee enough for 12 cups done at once. The see through panel is also a life saver as it makes it easy to see how much water is left in that machine. The grinder is an in built one and it’s easy to remove and clean as well. It comes with the ability to be turned off if the beans are already ground.

Cuisinart DGB-700BC

Cuisinart has made a solid statement into the market of grind and brew coffee makers with Cuisinart DGB-700BC. This fully programmable beast of a coffee machine has state of the art specifications that one would expect from a personal coffee maker.

The built in grinder makes sure that the beans are automatically grinded before the brewing process whilst the grind selector and strength control get the perfect nuances of your coffee taste just right. The 12 cup capacity unit has a 24 hour fully automated timer mechanism that gets you just what you want just when you want.

Simple as that. The machine has a Charcoal water filter and a permanent gold-tone coffee filter that guarantees the finest and most aromatic coffee flavor escape through it., without any sort of impurities in it of course.

Yet, it’s convenient enough to clean as well. The strength selector makes sure that you get three basic options to select the strength of your coffee: strong, medium and mild. The bean hopper comes with a sealed lid to prevent any moisture from getting through.

It can house half a pound of coffee beans which would be good enough to get get 2-12 cups of coffee at once. In addition, a feature that makes the hectic life style a touch at ease would be the adjustable automatic shut-off feature that can be timed from zero to four hours. The brew-pause function is also a major pro if you can’t wait till the whole process is done to taste that cup of coffee you want.

Capresso CoffeeTeam GS

Capresso coffee team however offers a solid contender to the grind and brew market. Fully programmable 10 cup brewer has a digital control panel that lets you set the brewing tide just right as it offers five different grind levels from coarse to fine as well as five brew amounts.

The steel conical burrs make sure that the grinding process is slow and steady, preserving more aroma and superior quality in the beans you put in. The bean container could easily house 6 ounces of coffee beans and the grinding strength is also adjustable just the way you like it.

In addition it comes with the option to brew with or without the grinder to come handy even with pre-ground coffee. The ‘Brew Mode’ is there for pre-ground coffee as well as the ‘Grind and Brew’ mode is there for the raw beans.

The safety sector is also well thought out as the auto shut off feature is there for a 2 hour time window. It will not only keep any chance of an unfortunate mishap at bay, but also would make sure that your coffee is kept warm for 2 hours after getting it ready just the way you want it.

The water filter is also there which would take care of the quality of the water that blends in with the quality of coffee you want to have in your cup every morning. It guarantees to filter around 80% of chlorine and calcium that’s in the water.

However, a stand out feature that Capresso has added to their machinery is the capability to program two completely different settings, one each for manual and automatic operations. It not only lets you enjoy the identical coffee taste every time, but to experiment with your taste buds whilst keeping what you prefer ready on the go.

One thing’s for sure. The competition is high and the brands are coming with the best that they have on offer. It all comes down to the personal preferences of the consumer to pick what he’s more comfortable with.

After All, someone’s cup of coffee is a personal statement, which is why more and more people prefer to have their own home scale coffee machines and get their own coffee ground and brewed at their house’s convenience.