Comparing In-Ear Vs Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

in ear headphones

I have been doing a lot of traveling lately and I have a lot of trouble sleeping on a plane do to the annoying engine noise. So I did some research on noise cancelling headphones and the two different styles.

When comparing these two different kinds of listening devices there are advantages in investing in both. Having a better quality sound might sacrifice the convenience of easy portability with the other one.

You may just need a pair headphones that are cheap and easy to carry around outside of the house. There are two basic kinds of headphones the In-Ear or EarBud and the bigger Over Ear-Noise cancelling Headphones.

Below is a comparison of the two kinds.

In-Ear or EarBud headphones

in ear headphonesThe In-Ear headphones fit into the ear two different ways. The first is they can rest on the outer-ear and can sometimes use clips for a better fit. The other type is the standard earbud that fits into the inner ear. These are the earbuds that usually come free with your phone or other electronic device.

Some of the advantages of the earbuds include:

1-Earbuds are cheaper and usually come with some of your more personal electronic devices like your phone. A good example is the Sony MDR series earbud.

2-Earbuds are more convenient to take along with you when traveling somewhere and do not require as much space or a special case to carry them like Over- Ear ones do. Not to mention they are lighter and more comfortable, like the Bose 20i

3-Earbuds can block out noise to a moderate effect but not as good as the over-ear ones.

4-In-Ear headphones do not interfere with hair, jewelry, glasses or other important things you have on your head.

Disadvantages of Earbuds:

1-The overall sound quality is not as good and has less bass and frequencies.

2- The basic design of earbuds can cause them to be uncomfortable and hard to remove from the ear.

3-The sound is not completely blocked out so it causes the user to turn up the volume creating possible damage to the ear.

Over Ear-Noise Cancelling headphones cover the whole ear area and are called ear-cups. These larger ear-cups and usually better for home use.

Advantages to using Over Ear headphones

over ear noise cancelling headphones1-Over Ear headphones are bigger and cover the ears completely cutting out more noise than the In-Ear ones.

2-The larger size headphones have cups that provide more comfort than earbuds. The Sennheiser PXC 450 are a good example of a super comfortable over ear headphone.

3-The Over Ear-Noise cancelling headphones provide a better overall sound quality with better bass and tone.

Disadvantages of Over Ear headphones

1-These types of headphones are more expensive because of the better quality sound and also noise reduction abilities.

2-The Over Ear headphones are not as portable and are best used with a carrying case.

3- The larger sized ear-cups can get in the way of glasses, hair and jewelry.

4- Can cause your ears to get to hot making you uncomfortable when traveling or at the office.

The over ear headphones are better at cancelling out noise than the In-ear ones but are not as convenient as the In-Ear headphones. The Over ear ones can be a good investment even though they cost more.

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